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Catherine Filarski

Writer & Researcher

When truth is stranger than fiction, to me as a writer, that’s the interesting side of life. The gritty, the depths, the unknown. There must be a way to the truth. I don’t want to write horror stories, I don’t have to, it’s in our faces, in plain sight.

Somehow I think there is a solution to the problems that plague us on the planet and those are the subjects that interest me the most. I’m for the underdog, to correct injustices; and to make wrong, Light.

Catherine is straightforward, direct and leaves no stone unturned. I have worked with Catherine before and know that her work is impeccable and her heart is genuine in all of her pursuits. She has impacted me in a huge way by believing in my “voice” and ability to impact change in the world. I appreciate her honesty and integrity. She is a force that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Esther "White Duck" Crawford

Algonquin Storyteller

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